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PostSubject: Pairings<3   Pairings<3 Icon_minitimeWed Aug 11, 2010 6:48 pm

Which pairings do you like, love, hate, and dislike~?

-Lee x Sakura (I like how Sakura is usually annoying to me, but then I like her when she's with Lee)
-Konan x Pain (It's cute, they're cute.)
-Sasuke x Naruto (I'm not really a fan of all those yaoi fanfics/doujinshi, but I think they're really interesting)
-Shino x Hinata (I always thought if NaruSaku happens, Hinata would be sad Shino would comfort her etc.)
-Tenten x Shino (They have the least screentime so that gives them a lot of alo~one time. XD)
-Naruto x Ino (I like the "Naruto finds a girl just like Sakura who doesn't hit him or yell at him." story.)
-Iruka x Shizune (Erm...it's a random crack pairing but I think it's cute. ^ __ ^)
-Sakura x Sasuke (At first I thought it was silly but Sakura really does care about him...makes me sad. D:)
-Neji x Hinata (Not a fan of incest, but still...it's a nice pairing. And the Sailormoon dub says that cousin incest is okay...[shudders, but point is made.])
-Kakashi x Shizune (Cute<3)

-Naruto x Hinata (<333)
-Sasuke x Hinata (Crack pairing, but it's interesting and their personalities are good together, I think.)
-Ino x Shikamaru (I just like it~! It's just really cute, I guess~)
-Jiraiya x Tsunade (Kekekeke.)
-Neji x Sasuke (Inside joke with me and Justin XDD)
-Kankuro x Tenten (Crack...but I read a fanfiction and I think it's uberawesomesauce)

-Gai x Lee (UGH NO. Stupid yaoi fangirls want this for the sake of yaoi. Gai's more of a father figure to Lee imo)
-Temari x Shikamaru (I just think it's really boring and unexciting.)

-Itachi x Sakura (For what he did to Sasuke, Sakura wouldn't ever be able to love Itachi.)
-Madara x Sakura (
-Itachi x Sasuke (This is just silly. Sasuke HATES Itachi. Plus brotherxbrother incest...?)
-Naruto x Sakura (Meh...it's just too typical and boring for me.)
-Kakashi x Sakura (Ick. I see this at all, I don't understand the large fanbase.)
-Hinata x Kiba (It's okay. I just prefer so many other Hinata pairings and this one doesn't interest me.)
(Haha Sakura's in so many of these. I don't hate her that much, I just like Lee x Sakura a lot.)

Other pairings of intrest:
-Gaara x Gai (I don't like this as a ROMANTIC pairing, but as a sort of teacher/father figure thing like with Lee.)
-I think Choji needs a romantic interest but not with anyone in the show. Same with Temari.
-I like Asuma and Kurenai a lot but since
-There should be more younger ninjas in the show! I want a toy ship! HanabixKonohamaru just doesn't work for me.
-This goes with the above but...I don't like Moegi so I don't like KonohamauxMoegi.
-This is a crossover pairing but I love NejixTomoe Tachibana (from Trauma Team) since Neji is a "caged bird" and Tomoe is a "puppet". (Lol Tomoe is voiced by Stephanie Sheh who also does Hinata's voice.)
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