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 Ikudai Watanabe

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PostSubject: Ikudai Watanabe   Ikudai Watanabe Icon_minitimeWed Aug 04, 2010 12:55 am

Ikudai Watanabe Naurtosiggy2
Name:Ikudai -Watanabe- ALIAS LAST NAME D:
Place of Birth: Leaf Village
Current Location: Leaf Village
Birthday: March 28 (12 at start)
Food: Gumm
Color: Yellow/Purple/Pink/Navy Blue
Likes:Awesome faces like :3 and >:O.
Hates:People who think they're werewolfs,vampire,goth/emo.
Rank: Genin-Chunin-Jonin
Special: Chakra Orb Sheild
Chakra Type: Fire

Credit to Naruto Avatar maker for picture. Razz
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Ikudai Watanabe
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