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 Hotaru Kagamine

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Hotaru Kagamine Hotaru
*image base by StrangestOne on deviantart! I drew on the base though*
Name: Hotaru Kagamine
Place of Birth: Hidden Leaf Village
Current Location: Hidden Leaf Village
Birthday: December 18th (12 at start, 15 after timeskip)
Height: 4"9 (Metric: 142 cm)
Weight: 84 lb. (38 kg)
Bloodtype: A
Food: Vanilla flavoured milk tea, any type of fruit
Color: White
Likes: Sweet things, making things, romance, people in general, long hair (on men)
Hates: Danger, dishonesty, pain, short hair (on men)
Dislikes: Animals (she doesn't hate them, she's just scared of them), spicy food
Personality: Sweet, naive, self-conscious, over-emotional, fickle-yet-clingy
Rank: Medical-nin
Special: Very fast hands (exceptionally good at hand signals and such)
Chakra Type: Unknown, she never uses nature transformation
Bio: Hotaru Kagamine is fluffy, cute, and sweet like cotton candy. She's like a little kid-which can be either good or bad. The bad part is; she has no idea what she wants and she's a bit immature and annoying at times. She is in love with love and is searching for a husband despite her young age. Due to her intense want of commitment, she's constantly jumping from thing to thing so she can find perfection. And when she finds that perfection, she latches on hard. She won't let go of anything easily, and if you try to take it from her, you can expect a tantrum of tears and pouting. And then there's the fact that she's always worrying about her appearance, trying out new clothes every so often and wearing different hairstyles. But if you look past the childlike nature of Hotaru, she's not as infantile as you'd think. Sometimes, her naivety is a blessing. When it comes to people (people, not potential spouses), Hotaru doesn't like to judge. And she has the "little sister vibe" that makes you want to cuddle and protect her. She's also pretty useful to have around, and has a habit of making anyone feel special, like you're Hotaru's number 1 person. Unfortunately, her childish tendencies don't end with her personality. She's naturally short and small, with the abilities of an 8 year old. This stays with her always. She can't take a hit without crying, and she can't lift anything. Hotaru quit trying to be a ninja. Instead, she's learning how to heal and she works at the Konoha hospital.

Friends: (will be added after she actually makes friends in roleplay)
Enemies: (will be added after she makes some enemies)

Other random stuff:
-If she were in the anime I think she'd probably be voiced by Yui Makino in part 1 (when her voice isn't developed), and then either Rie Tanaka or Mamiko Noto in Shippuden.
-Her character song would be Fields of Hope by Rie Tanaka.
-She LOVES tasks such as cooking, sewing, gardening, cleaning...but she HATES putting things where they belong. Her home is very clean and sterile, but horribly scattered.
-Drawing her Shippuden costume...it's basically the same, but...red->white, black ->red, white->pink. ^__^
-Obviously from her name and picture, her theme is fireflies. She actually doesn't like fireflies very much, she prefers ladybugs. =3

-Her mother's name is Fukao. Fukao is a very Yamato Nadeshiko type, and Hotaru tends to take after her mother's personality. Fukao works at the bath house.
-Her father's name is Kanji. He's apparently very overbearing and likes to have fun. He's a medic-nin, and has a few students.
-Hotaru has an older brother named Yutaka. He is an ANBU. He doesn't live in the main Kagamine household anymore.
-Hotaru has a younger sister named Kohana who is nine. Kohana is very ditsy and loud, sort of like Kanji. She wants to be a ninja but doesn't have any skills besides high stamina and being okay with weapons. (Maybe after the timeskip Kohana will be an RP character?)
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Hotaru Kagamine
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